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hey, good morning, everybody. bianna is a little under the weather but we are happy to have paula faris here in for bianna this morning. gives us a chance to say faris and harris. >> just to confuse people i have a brother named dan but we do hope that bianna returns quickly. >> we've never actually been in the same room. we are wishing bianna all the best. we do have a big show. vacation is over for the president. he comes back to washington with a pile of decisions to make including new defense and treasury secretaries, george stephanopoulos is here to talk about new attempts apparently to take on the nra by the obama administration. >> plus, the search for a missing fashion executive and his wife. vittoria missoni vanished when a small plane carrying six people disappeared off the coast of venezuela. that should be familiar if you shop at target. >> a lot get obsessed with target when they teamed up with target. in terms of college football, the championship game, notre
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dame against 'bama. >> our josh elliott is in miami covering the hope up to tomorrow night's game. don't confuse the red for being an 'bama fan. >> going with the irish. josh looks happy being on the beach as opposed to in the frigid northeast. a lot of news breaking overnight, and, of course, for that we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> faris and harris. aurora, colorado, still reeling. four people killed including an armed suspect killed in a shootout with the police s.w.a.t. team. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: the first shots rang out in the dead of night at 3:00 a.m., a woman came running from this town home telling people three people inside were shot. police told neighbors to stay down. >> six times total we heard firing. >> never been so scared in my
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life. >> reporter: as officered evacuated the neighborhood a man began shooting hitting a police vehicle. >> we kept persisting on him coming out. >> reporter: hours passed but there was no talking him out. >> he fired upon us a second time, this time shots were returned. the suspect was hit. >> reporter: police killed the suspect and inside found three more bodies, a woman and two men. a family member told denver abc affiliate 7 news he killed his father-in-law, sister-in-law and her boyfriend. one escaped believed to be the suspect's wife. the latest tragedy since the movie massacre that left 12 dead. many of the same investigators were at the theater in july and are again asking why. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, aurora, colorado. police in alabama say they may have stopped another potential school massacre. 17-year-old derek shrout arrested with attempted assault
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when a teacher discovered a book and they discovered dozens of explosives, tobacco containers filled with shrapnel. the self-proclaimed white supremacist will be in court on monday. the fate of sandy hook elementary school will be decided. they will discuss what to do in the wake of the massacre that left 26 people dead. options include razing the school, renovating it or building a new one. new school on the same property or somewhere else. it appears there will be hockey after all this year. the nhl and its players union reached a tentative deal. paula is nodding her head yes. the players have been locked out since back in september wiping out nearly half of the season. finally, story, dan, or any cat lover or any cat hater would probably appreciate. this is a cat, check him out here, who was caught trying -- allegedly trying to sneak into a prison in brazil with contraband
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strapped to its body. a cell phone, drill bits and files. the cat is now behind bars at an animal shelter. the lawyer says no comment. >> the cat has a lawyer. >> the look on his face is very guilty. that's all i'm saying. >> allegedly. >> reportedly. >> that was weird, huh? >> that was weird. i'm just very excited that the nhl is back tentatively. >> you're a red wings fan. >> from michigan, but worked in chicago for a long time. big blackhawks fan. >> don't look at her outfit. >> exactly. >> thank you, ron. speaking of doing time, some in louisiana what i do time after a fight broke out at a mall that involved 200 teenagers. they had to shut the place down and evacuate it. abc's dan kloeffler is on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, on any given saturday night, you can bet that malls across the country are packed with teens getting a little breathing room from their parents. but at one shopping mall in baton rouge, that favorite
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teenage hangout quickly turned from a place of escape to a place of mass hysteria. a typical saturday night at the mall of louisiana quickly turned into this. mass chaos. shoppers jamming escalators. running for the doors. mall employees being ordered to abandon their cash registers and get out. the mall was under evacuation. after a flash mob turned ugly. >> i think that there was some sort of post on social media about a flash mob. >> reporter: from that online call for that, about 200 teens swarmed the second floor food court. what happened next sheriff's deputies are still trying to piece together but at some point a fight broke out forcing mall security to clear out the property. confused, frightened and being forced outside, kids made frantic calls to their parents trying to find a way out of the madness. >> walking the grounds for 30 minutes.
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i cannot find her. >> she okay? everybody you went with okay? okay. all right, then i'll see you in a minute. >> reporter: surprisingly, everyone made it out and was accounted for. but from the reactions online, it was hardly a normal night of just hanging out at the mall. first i am okay. at the mall of louisiana, had a person or persons with a gun, saw people running and screaming. i turned around and a girl told me someone had a gun. i started running with them. never been that scared in my life. people were running everywhere. it was like a movie but you were in it. again, no weapons were found. no serious injuries. pretty amazing when you see that video. but the sheriff's department is talking to eyewitnesses. this he say that they do plan on charging those responsible for causing that chaos. >> bad night in louisiana. >> i would say so. >> appreciate it. all right, and president obama is due back in washington
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today after finishing his hawaii vacation. now he faces personnel decisions. one of the first may be to nominate a former republican senator as his new defense secretary. a choice that is already under attack by some republicans, even before it has been announced. abc's david kerley joining us from the white house with all the details. >> reporter: talking about chuck hagel and we are not told whether he will be nominated. he will controversial within both parties. if you're going to make cuts there, doesn't it make sense to have a democrat to help you? one of the calculuses that the president is considering, michelle flr ochonoy. >> democrats would meet hagel, with resistance, as well. >> reporter: absolutely. the reason is that on social issues hagel is fairly conservative, but the point is he's not going to be doing
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social issues if he is nominated to be defense second. he's not going to run health and human services. it's the department of defense, the pentagon, but some democrats are concerned about that. republicans are concerned, as well, because hagel winds up with the president. he was opposed to some issues in iraq, also in afghanistan and that's what republicans don't like. he bucked the republican party and really lines up with the president which the president might see as a strength if he decides to nominate hagel. >> all right, and some fascinating numbers coming out of the president's vacation in hawaii where he was for nine days. can you share those with us. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a 15-day vacation, do you remember, so here's how it all breaks down. we've taken a look. out of those 15 days he actually got to spend nine in hawaii. he had to spend six days here in d.c. working on the fiscal cliff negotiations. now, while he was in hawaii he got five rounds of golf, five different partners, about 30 hours on the golf course and four dinners out, to go back and forth the president had to spend
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40 hours on air force one and only one member of the family actually traveled the entire time and that is bo, the dog, who actually made the trip back and forth with the president. well traveled dog. >> very well traveled dog racking up his frequent flier miles. >> we got a picture of him with the lei on -- that was a remarkable production. david kerley, thank you for your reporting from washington. these potential confirmation fights are just the tip of the iceberg for president obama. he's already getting ready for big battles over spending cuts, immigration and after newtown gun control. let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of weekday "gma" and "this week." is chuck hagel likely to get the nod and if he does -- >> the president hasn't made a final decision as david recorded. democrats in the senate certainly believe this is coming. they've certainly been led to believe by the white house this is coming and kind of scratching their heads and can't figure out why. a lot of democrats have questions about chuck hagel on his support for israel and firm
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opposition for republicans. if the president goes forward, he is in for a real fight, likely to get him through but not going to be easy. >> a lot of big fights. this morning we're hearing they're gearing up to take over the nra over gun control in newtown. >> right now he has the public on his side but knows he has to move quickly. that's why vice president biden will report back likely before the president's inaugural on january 20th with his package of recommendations. much broader than simply gun control. also look at mental health issues and look at violence in the media. right now there's going to be a lot of resistance in the senate but they're going to look at things the president can do on his own through executive orders so they get something through. >> george stephanopoulos, thank you. and george has a big show this morning. his guest, key player in the fiscal cliff deal that just passed, the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell.
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"this week" with george stephanopoulos coming up. >> and a miraculous survival story this morning. look at this devastating car crash. a young mother and baby from maine were in that vehicle and amazingly, the 6-month-old through 25 feet from the car and somehow survived. the chilling wreckage of a terrifying car crash. >> just was praying that i would be okay. >> reporter: 18-year-old china blaney was driving to her mother's house thursday night with her 6-month-old son gabriel when the unimaginable happened. >> there was a stop sign that i was slowing down and i wasn't going to make it -- i was looking to make sure that nothing was going to hit me and at that time that there's -- the car was hitting me. >> reporter: a collision with a pickup truck sent her baby gabriel flying from his car seat hurled out the window 25 feet into the air. >> i heard the lady yelling, there's a baby, i think, the
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baby flew out the window. then i realized, oh, my god, my baby is not in my car anymore. >> reporter: the baby landed somewhere in the soft snow. china managed to crawl her way out of the wreckage frantically looking for her baby. >> so i was yelling for my baby. i couldn't find him and i couldn't see him. >> reporter: the driver of the pickup truck found gabriel buried at the bottom of a snow bank and picked him up. >> i thought the lady had him and she was sitting there crying. >> reporter: mom and baby were treated at a local hospital. >> when i got there, bless his little soul he was chewing on a pacifier looking around and it was just total relief knowing that he was all right. >> reporter: and this morning, mother and her son are safely back home and recovering. >> very thankful. very grateful, lucky. >> i think there was a lot of powers above that was watching over gabriel and china at the same time. everything happens for a reason.
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there's definitely got to be somebody above watching over us. >> the woman driving the truck had two young sons of her own and found gabriel's face pashldly buried in the snow. it was secured but it was removed with the seat belt still attached. >> so great to see gabriel doing well. over to ginger zee tore a look at the forecast. >> good morning to everyone. we know up here in new england and parts of the northeast seasonal for this time of year, a few snowflake flying, portland, 36, high in new york city, 44. that's much more mild than we've been seeing, chicago, 31. speaking of chicago, they have been snowless in chicago. this is a satellite image, wanted to show the city, a lot of the suburbs having absolutely nothing. this is as of friday, they did get just under a half inch but all the snow, one big hole around them on their way to breaking a big-time record for not having one inch of snowfall so far in 316 deys.
4:14 am
if they make it to wednesday they break a record set back in 1940. let's talk about something other than snow. maybe rain, sacramento, they had some. let's look at the video. some drizzle, a quarter inch to a half inch that slowed down traffic in some place and residuals that will move north and east. back to the west or back to the northwest is where some heavier rain, mountain snows will be falling through the latter half of the weekend. miami this morning has some fog, south florida and so does part of texas, watch out for driving problems there. for now, though, that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home.
4:15 am
>> of that 0.4 inches that chicago got yesterday, a twitter follower found this in chicago, a really nice close-up of one of the snowflakes. they're holding on to each one because they've had so little. boston hasn't had a whole lot. north dakota looks really nice, doesn't it? anyone want to take a field trip? >> no. >> it wasn't like that when we were in chicago. >> no, we had big snow. >> the blizzard. >> well, good weather, go figure. >> thank you, ginger. it is the biggest college football game of the year. will it be the fighting irish or the crimson tide? >> go, fighting irish. notre dame and 'bama, the top two college football teams in the nation that go head to head in the bcs championshipship game. it is a long awaited return to the big game for 'bama. a chance to defend their title. here's "good morning america" co-anchor, josh elliott.
4:16 am
>> reporter: it's college football's biggest of big games. and tomorrow night one that will see history made. >> we're here to win a football game. >> it's going to be a challenging game no doubt. >> reporter: two teams with so much at stake. >> alabama to be the best, you have to beat the best. >> reporter: alabama will be playing for a second straight national title and third in four year, a run unparalleled in recent history. >> very rare you get to play for one and i played for two and got a chance to play for a third one and to win another one, oh, man. >> reporter: standing in their way arguably the sports' crown jewel, an unbeaten notre dame resur gent after nearly two decades of irrelevance and now but a win away from its first national title in a quarter century. >> it'll be a good time for us to win this championship so we can show everyone we're for real and our name is back. >> reporter: the fighting irish stand on history's doorstep
4:17 am
thanks in part to a stout defense led by senior captain and linebacker man tie teo. the emotional core after this team after losing his girlfriend and grandmother within hours of each other earlier this season. >> his character, his leadership is something i've never seen before. that's the heart and soul of this team. >> reporter: while teo fell sort of a heisman that was never the trophy he hoped to raise at year he aend. >> i sat in my living room and every time i did i texted one of my teammates. i do not want to sit in this living room and watching this game and i'm not going to be. >> reporter: as the teams make their final preparations here in south florida, upwards of 100,000 fans have taken miami's south beach by storm lending college football's crowning of a champion and excitement and a hype normally reserved for super bowls. >> go, irish. >> reporter: we're just over a day away now from the biggest of
4:18 am
big games and to that end both teams have arrived to miami making final preparations for monday night's game which for the fighting irish could mean getting used to humid conditions we'll expect at game time. speaking of that game will be played at sun life stadium, a couple miles away and that's where i'm going to be all morning long tomorrow right here on "gma" live, we're going to be going behind the scenes with our sister network, espn, to show you what goes into bringing you the megatelecast that could go down as the most watched game broadcast in college football history, we might even have a special guest or two. for now then that's all from here on south beach, back to you guys in the rather brisk new york city. >> oh. >> rubbing it in. very unfair. >> that is very unfair. it is actually very warm in the studio. >> by the way watch notre dame take on alabama for the bcs national championship game tomorrow night with coverage starting at 8:00 on our sister network, espn.
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this morning we've great reunion. a woman who lost her home during superstorm sandy finally back together with her dog. look at that. >> reunited. pets, they're sometimes the forgotten victims and this morning the aspca has an urgent message with scores who are unclaimed. >> good morning. during hurricane sandy hundreds of animals were either left behind or couldn't be cared for anymore. that's where the aspca stepped in reuniting owners trying to get back on their own feet with their four-legged friends. jordan clark is finally bringing her dog midnight home. >> it's kind of surreal. kind of like it's over but feels like christmas morning like just to be able to be back to him. >> reporter: clark was living in the rockaways in queens, new york, when she lost everything including her house in hurricane sandy. >> to lose everything your possessions is one thing but to lose your family would be horrible. so if it wasn't for them i don't
4:20 am
even want to think what would have happened. >> reporter: clark displaced had no way to care for midnight and her kitten carrie then she found this place. >> basically saved my family. >> reporter: a temporary boarding facility for four-legged victims of sandy. the aspca reacted quickly starting up the shelter helping nearly 16,000 animals in sandy affected areas. yesterday there were 19 happy reunions but there are still 130 displaced pets at this emergency shelter waiting to be claimed. >> some point it's not the best environment for a pet to be in an emergency facility. >> reporter: as time ticks on, these cute animals can't remain in these cages. >> the ultimate goal to get them back home with their families but if that's not possible then it's to get them into a foster where they can at least start filling that sense of normalcy and being with family members. >> reporter: robin parkinson was living in far rockaway in
4:21 am
queens, new york, whether everything she owned also got washed away and hopes to bring her two dogs home in the next few weeks. >> when i'm able to bring my girls home, it will be christmas, new year's, my birthday, all in one package. >> and that temporary shelter is now closing. the aspca warns if owners do not come and claim their pets they will be put up for adoption or sent into foster care. this is snow. he is not up for adoption but i've been watching him all weekend, pet sitting. in just a weekend i've gotten this close bond with him. if you at home need to bring a pet into your home, these animals are so lovable. they need help. the aspca needs someone to step up and take care of these animals. we'll have all the information here. >> going strong. >> somebody actually trusted you with their dog. >> they really did, this is the first time i've ever had a pet
4:22 am
in my life. >> now you want to get a dog. >> i think i really want a dog. these animals are so cute, so lovable. >> in just a weekend. in just a weekend. mwah. >> how can we top that kind of affection? we'll try. we'll talk about the search for one of the biggest names in fashion. vittorio missoni. they created a partnership with target. hope for a rescue? also speaking out, justin bieber opening up about his latest troubles including his recent breakup and rumors swirling that he might have used drugs. imagine having 156 -- whatever you can at a store. we'll show you coming up in "fixation." ♪ [ male announcer ] whether it's mom's smartphone... dad's tablet... lauren's smartphone...
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♪ we're going to party like it's thursday night ♪ i want to show you -- >> justin bieber's new year off to a bit of a rocky start, let's say. girl trouble, the paparazzi and now allegations of drug use on a new tour that launched just last night, find out how the world's biggest teen superstar is trying to hang on to his legion of fans. good morning, america, i'm paula faris in for bianna golodryga on this fine sunday morning. >> it is fine, indeed. i'm dan harris. it's sunday, january 6th. a little twitter charm offensive by justin coming up. also it is the ultimate basketball state. take a look. high school girl, almost taking out the cheerleaders to keep the ball inboudzs, what happens next is the incredible as we like to say -- but also have a soundtrack by curtis blow. >> the wheelhouse.
4:30 am
>> old school hip-hop. >> first an all-out search for one of the biggest names in italian fashion, in global fashion for that matter, vittorio missoni is one of six people missing after their plane vanished off the coast of venezuela. if you're not familiar with the name there's a very good chance you know the style. abc's matt gutman joins us with the story. >> reporter: good morning, paula. vittorio missoni made that iconic brand accessible here in the united states and now with the weather worsening in the caribbean that all-out search you mentioned for him is turning frantic. about 100 searchers in planes, helicopters and boats scouring the caribbean for any sign of had is plane. so far not a trace. vittorio missoni, the heir to one of the world's most recognizable design houses, vanished into the caribbean friday. this tiny twin prop apparently dropping into the sapphire waters 30 minutes after taking off and over 100 miles from the mainland. on board missoni who managed his
4:31 am
family's fashion empire, his wife and two pilots. it is near los roques fame for its clear water. on january 4th another small plane dropped from the radar, all 14 aboard were killed earlier. as abc news recently learned getting to these remote islands in the caribbean often requires taking these puddle jumpers. missoni made his father a tallian fashion house international. >> trained in special part -- really missoni like my parents did, you know. >> reporter: expanding into asia and the biggest market of all, the u.s. for the launch of the missoni line at target, almost instantly sold out and crashed the giant retailer's website. missoni was 2340e7b as the business ambassador talking to this american group earlier this year. >> quite femininitfemininity, w
4:32 am
also new generation that's been involved. >> reporter: missoni's younger brother luca has arrived in seenz to try to monitor the search effort. by law venezuela has to keep that search going for five more days. now vittorio's son, vittorio jr. has tweeted please help find my father. paula. >> could be a huge loss for the fashion world. matt gutman live for us. it is time now for the other headlines of the morning. for that we go to our news guru. >> good morning, everyone. in the news the defiant president bashar assad made a speech. he called for a national fight until in his words every terrorist is dead. a shell oil rig that ran aground in alaska could be towed as early as today. naval architects said it was safe to move. the job will begin as soon as the weather is good enough. former french citizen and actor gerard depardieu got a big
4:33 am
welcome to his adopted new homeland. vladimir putin sat down with him and gave him at that point a russian passport. he left france because he says of its high taxes. finally talk about a big catch, a bluefin tuna has sold at tokyo auction for a record 1.75 million bucks. how about that? >> that's a lot of money. >> three times the previous high making for some probably very expensive and hopefully very good sushi. time over to the incomparable ginger zee. >> i like the adjective, ron. warm in miami and will stay that way. for the bowl tomorrow it will be dry. it hasn't been this morning and won't be for some of the day. let's look at the live shot there. powers back in the clouds i'm referring to, of course, not the buildings. i'm always looking at the weather part and they've had fog in the region especially inland and in other parts of south florida. 80 will be the high today in
4:34 am
miami, ft. myers has had quite a bit of fog and orlando just south of the front so they'll make it to 80, tampa, 78 as this rushes across. cooler in tallahassee at 62 and 58 for new orleans today much the milder air with this system is starting to push up and by the midweek places like chicago who are 31 today will get to 47 on wednesday. new york city goes from 44 today to 50 on wednesday. so we're all starting to see that little peek of i don't want to call it springlike but certainly not as cold as it has been behind all that cold air we're starting to warm a little bit and portland, 45 with that rain/snow mix up in the mountains. some of the cascades going to get a half to one foot of snow. tampa, again, 78, waco, 56. that is the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home.
4:35 am
this weather report brought to you by ensure. tomorrow night for the game, should be dry, low to mid-70s so really nice. >> not bad weather. ginger, thank you. coming up on "gma" is justin bieber worried about his image going up in smoke after new pictures of him smoking a mysterious substance. the biebs going on that twitter charm offensive. >> who is the lead singer in the rolling stones. >> mick jagger. >> who is the guitar player -- >> oh, great tape. only rock 'n' roll but she likes it. meet an adorable to the who knows her rock history.
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4:40 am
and tanya rivero with the story. >> unfortunately, there seems to be a few cracks showing in the biebs' squeaky clean image but not shying away from it promising his legions of fans he's trying to be better. ♪ justin bieber kicked off the next leg of his believe tour in utah last night. his fans still true beliebers. the tour capping off a rough week for one of pop's biggest stars. tuesday, a paparazzi photog died while chasing after bieber's ferrari. the next day tmz posts these pictures of the 18-year-old superstar smoking a mysterious substance and accuses him of using drugs. >> drugs could be a bit of a problem for his jeeky teen pop image. this isn't sort of the thing that celebrity his stature of which his audience would want to align himself.
4:41 am
>> he did damage control tweeting to his millions of fans every day growing and learning trying to be better. you get knocked down. you get up and i see all of you, i hear all of you. i never want to let any of you down. i love you. ♪ i'd like to be everything you want ♪ >> reporter: and on top of everything else, it seems his on again, off again relationship with selena gomez is off. >> on january 1st selena tweeted new beginnings fresh start indicating she was done with the relationship once again. ♪ >> reporter: rings in the new year as a headliner on dick clark's new year's rocking eve bieber seems not to have a care in the world. ♪ la la >> reporter: but even if 2013 hasn't gotten off to a great start he still believes in the biebs tweeting another year, another year to be doubted. another year to work hard and prove them wrong.
4:42 am
another year we are coming out of the gate strong. ♪ as long as you love me >> but if you believe in karma, bieber's luck should be about to turn. he did a really good deal in utah meeting with a 7-year-old girl with leukemia who was too sick to attend his concert and sang "baby" and her mother said she's over the moon >> that's a good thing to turn things around, thank you. coming up on "gma" beat the clock. how much free electronic stuff could you grab in 156 seconds? you'll watch a guy did it. he had a great strategy. "fixation" after the break. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
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4:47 am
the crazy -- >> middle of the night. >> ron does not sleep so we can bring you bizarre footage. let me start. this is a guy who got 156 seconds to run through an electronics store. this is in the netherlands. imagine if you had that. bedid the math. that's 2 1/2 minutes -- >> you needed a calculator to figure that out. >> always been math impaired. some phones, at the end he goes for a fridge. he comes away with nearly 40 grand in stuff. >> wow! >> 2 1/2 minutes. >> he had a strategy. >> can't you go to the gift card section and say give me $50,000 in gift card. >> that's cheating. >> says she's a math major and -- >> and a showoff. >> looking for -- >> okay. >> can't wait to get this next one that ron found of -- three-point shot that goes in. what about from a 15-year-old in
4:48 am
indiana. you got to see this. ♪ we're playing basketball ♪ we love that basketball >> no way. >> yes! >> goes in. >> let's see it in slo-mo. in is gabby. her father, by the way, is the assistant coach at purdue and he says you cannot coach that. there you go. he says if the ball is going out, always throw it toward the goal and, boy, did it work this time. >> i got one. stayed up all night looking for this one for me. this is a -- three guys who are combining parkour with ghost riding a car with nobody in it while they do various -- >> i feel like we should have a warning on the screen. do not do this. >> don't do it at home or in your car. >> look at that. >> you have to say, though -- >> and danger. >> 50,000 hits according to our research. crack researcher. >> doing the worm.
4:49 am
>> okay, now we know. >> pretty wild, isn't it? >> yes, okay, so i have -- >> i could do that. >> i love this story. for any of you that are parents out there, if you have an 18-month-old their wheelhouse in term of -- is probably wheels on the buy. liot is already talking about the rolling stones and ringo. >> who's the lead singer in the rolling stones? >> mick jagger. >> ho is the guitar player. >> keith richards. >> it's only -- >> but i like it. >> you say yes. >> i say no. >> take a load off. >> train me. >> who is the drummer in the beatles. >> ringo. >> ho is the drummer in the band -- >> rock 'n' roll. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> okay, let's watch the beatles. >> that is a good parent. 20,000 times. >> paula wins. best video of the morning. >> thank you. you know -- >> ron claiborne. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be right back with more
4:50 am
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we want to remind you do not forget to watch notre dame taking on alabama tomorrow night at 8:00 on espn, our sister
4:55 am
station and want to thank everybody for watching and in particularly i want to thank paula faris for filling in. we love have you. ginger zee will bust out her bling next time you're back.
4:56 am
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler, thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 6th. let's start with our quick first look at the weather with meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen, tracking the storm. >> yeah, carolyn. we are showing you live doppler 7hd which is showing the center of the storm starting to exit the bay area. within the last few hours we even picked up some thunderstorms, but they were off the coast so nothing over the bay area at this point. as we zoom in, it's starting to head south toward monterey bay and salinas. there's a heavy band, a heavy cell of rain along the coast. we will still see some showers in the bay area, some leftover showers during the morning hours. temperatures in the upper 30s to upper 40s.

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